About us


Salamat Gostaran Partak (Partak Health Developers / PHD) Co., Ltd. is a family-owned and family-run company which was founded in 2014 in Iran with the purpose of manufacturing and supplying Organic and Conventional food & beverages including, but not limited to, bee products, herbal extracts & essential oils, saffron, barberry, raisin, pistachio and date.

The company supplies the market with various honey types which are extracted from flowers grown in different regions of Iran.

Herbal distillates are extracted from Iran’s Northern to Southern herbs through a pasteurization process, in which, more than 60 diverse beverages are produced. In distillation process, the obtained essence of some herbs is returned back to their extracted water through pasteurization process to give more aroma and improve its quality. Moreover, the obtained essential oils of some herbs are packed and sold individually as separate products.

In a nutshell, all manufactured and supplied products are meticulously processed and packed in PHD’s plant, in a hygiene and under the supervision of highly qualified specialists that are constantly working to develop high quality and effective products.

PHD is capable of producing innovative and customized products as well as customized packaging for many markets of the world. Iraq, Oman, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Lebanon are among the countries being served with PHD’s delectable products.

Our policy is to be distinctive in production to ensure that any product will be considered the title of credibility and quality.

Our Production Facilities are certified with EU ORGANIC CERTIFICATION, ISO 22000, HALAL and HACCP.

The company’s major target is to develop its Green and Health food production lines in greater volume and variety, and extend its products export to all over the world.